This lesson and the next nine will each tell one part of the message of the Bible--so the Bible story is told in ten parts or steps.

With each part of the story will be a simple drawing to help you remember it. When you come to the last lesson, you will be asked to draw all ten of the simple pictures to show you remember the message. You will also be asked to provide as brief sentence explaining what each picture means. This will be easy to do once you have studied these lessons. With each part in the story, one or two scriptures will be given, some from the Old Testament, some from the New Testament. You will be asked to read these scriptures and then to answer some questions about them.

For each of the ten steps in God’s plan, then, you should learn (1) a drawing, (2) a brief sentence statement that explains the drawing, and (3) a verse or two of scripture you would use to explain what each means.

For Part 1 of the Bible story read Genesis 1:1, 27.

Fill in the blanks in the sentence below:
God made the heavens and the __________. He also made human beings of two kinds--_________ and ________________.

God placed the man and the woman He had made in a beautiful place called the Garden of Eden. He told them to care for the garden and to eat from the trees in the garden. God had a close friendship with these two whose names were Adam and Eve. Genesis 3:8 says that God walked in the garden and talked with Adam and Eve. They enjoyed being with each other.
The picture below represents how it was when everything began.

The "G" stands for God, the happy face for people. God and people were friends with each other when God created humans. And each of us starts life in this same close relationship with God.

God and people start as ________________. Genesis 3:8.

Practice by drawing the picture that represents this first step of the 10 steps. Also write under it the statement and scripture that go with it.


Used by permission from Stafford and Jo Anne North