1. In Lesson 1 we learned that God and people begin as close friends. As a review, draw the picture that represents this idea.

  2. Here is part two of the message of the Bible. Read Genesis 2:15-17. Write a brief answer to the following questions:
    1. Could Adam and Eve eat of every tree in the garden?
    2. Of which tree could they not eat?
    3. What would be the result if they ate what they were told not to eat?
  1. From this story we learn something about the nature of humans.
    God made us to have a choice!
  2. Adam and Eve could choose whether they would obey ________ or would not __________ God. This idea may be pictured like this.

    God made people to have a choice. Genesis 2:15-17. This is step 2. Draw the picture and put the statement and scripture below.

Used by permission from Stafford and Jo Anne North