1. Draw the two pictures that represent the first two parts of the Bible story we have studied.

  2. In the beginning, God made people and put them in the Garden of Eden. He said they could eat of every tree except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Thus, God gave them a choice to obey or not to obey.
  3. Read Genesis 3:1-6. Now answer the questions below:
    1. Satan came to Eve looking like what?
    2. What did Satan say to Eve about the consequences of eating the fruit that was different than what God had said about it?
    3. What had God said would happen if they disobeyed Him?
    4. What three reasons led Eve to eat the fruit?
    5. Did Adam also eat the fruit?


  4. Now read Genesis 3:22-24 and answer the following:
    1. God gave Adam and Eve a _____________.
    2. They chose to ___________ (obey or disobey).
    3. When one disobeys God, he or she has _______________.
    4. Sin means to do what ______ said not to do, or not to do what _______ said to do.


  5. Step 3 of the Bible story may be represented with the following picture:

    The S stands for ________ and the pointer means to _________________.


  6. So Adam and Eve choose to ________.


  7. Are they the only ones who have chosen sin? Read Romans 3:23 and answer below:
    1. How many people have sinned?
    2. Does that include me?


  8. Draw below the picture for Step 3 to show that people have chosen sin. Put the statement and scripture with it.

 Used by permission from Stafford and Jo Anne North