June 2, 2020

After much planning and prayer, the elders are ready to begin having modified in-person Sunday morning worship services at the building.  These plans are consistent with government guidelines and were made using the data received from the recent survey that we asked everyone to fill out.  We will be able to accommodate everyone who responded that they are interested in resuming worship at the church building.  Many safety and distancing guidelines will have to be met on everyone’s part.  A video has been created to show you what to expect during this Phase 1 Worship:

Please watch this video.

The New Testament is clear about the high importance of our worship together and the fellowship and spiritual growth that go along with it. The elders firmly hold to these principles, believe that God is pleased when we worship, and perceive that God's people at Manassas benefit greatly from our meetings together.

As of early June, the spread of the COVID-19 "coronavirus" is starting to improve and the restrictions on large group gatherings are easing but certain rules remain in place in order to reduce the statistical likelihood of further spreading the disease.

The elders agree with the guidance that we are still “safer at home”. We will offer a modified congregational worship at the church building while still encouraging families to worship together at home. According to Jesus' own words, "wherever two or three are gathered in my name" is an approved setting for worship (Matthew 18:20), for he also said, "there I am with them."


Watch your email for changes and more information about all of the above topics as it becomes available.