Live Streamed Worship and Class Directory:

Sunday at 9:00 am – Bible Classes

Auditorium class - Will be below on this page.  Also: Facebook Live Page and YouTube Channel

Family class with Barry Bryson - On the Family Bible Class YouTube channel here.

Sunday at 10:00 am – Live worship services - Will be below on this page.  Also: Facebook Live Page and YouTube Channel

Spanish Language service - On our YouTube Channel: Click here to go to the Iglesia de Cristo - Manassas channel.

NOTICE: Updated 2/27/2021

In a short while we will discontinue our use of Boxcast service for streaming our Bible Classes and Worship.

A new service,, will be used to stream our broadcasts to Facebook Live on the church's Facebook Page so be sure to Like the page.  Additionally, our broadcast will also go to our existing YouTube Channel exactly has it has been doing.

So, if you prefer to watch on YouTube be sure to Subscribe to the church's main channel and click the bell next to the subscribe button to get notifications so you know each time we start a stream. 

In order to perform the switch as seamlessly as possible we will continue to stream to the old Boxcast service (and the Boxcast player on this webpage) until we are able to migrate all users off that service.  To be an earlier adopter, use the links on this page to subscribe or Like the service of your choice as soon as you can.  The service is much more flexible and is a more frugal option than Boxcast.  In the future the player interface will replace the Boxcast player that everyone is used to.  For now, you can find the player at bottom of this page below the Boxcast player.  Users will always be able to come to this page and view our Live Auditorium services in addition to the other platforms we are offering on; i.e. YouTube & Facebook for now.

Until we migrate away from Boxcast you will still be able to see the normal Boxcast channel listing here.  The new player will be located at the bottom of this page.

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