Who is Jesus? Two-thousand years ago Jesus of Nazareth lived, walked and taught. Come Search Jesus and find the evidences for His existence and the proofs of His deity. The short videos in this program will stimulate your desire to learn about Jesus and to share this message with others.


You know 2,000 years ago that question wouldn't have even been asked. That's simply because Jesus was alive and well in a small village in the land of Israel. Had you seen him for yourself, you most likely would have considered Him to be an average looking Jew, but He certainly wasn't average. He spoke like no other spiritual teacher ever had. He proclaimed himself to be the Son of God. He forgave people's sins while He was on Earth. He foretold His own death, and performed verifiable miracles that even His enemies couldn't refute. His life, death and resurrection were so powerful that He started a movement that remains in existence and continues to spread across the globe almost 2,000 years later. Kyle Butt briefly examines some evidences for Jesus' existence in this short video, "Does Jesus Exist?"

To say that He's most famous person in the world is an understatement. He lived almost two thousand years ago, and yet His name is still one of the most often searched for words on the Internet. In fact His birth was so important that it marked the end of one historical period and the start of our present calendar. So why do so many people want to know about this man? Well millions of people believe that Jesus is more than a man. You see they believe that He is and was God in the flesh. Still other people believe that He was just a good person but they don't really believe He was God. Some skeptics question His existence entirely, and atheists don't believe in him at all. What's the truth about Jesus?

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