1. To the right, draw the pictures that go with each of the following ideas.

    God and people begin as close friends.

    God made people to have a choice.

    People have chosen to sin.

  2. What happened to Adam and Eve after they chose to sin? Read Genesis 3:22-24 and answer the following:
    1. As a result of their sin, God sent Adam and Eve out of the ____________ of _______.
    2. This meant they could no longer eat of the tree of ________. They would also come to a time when they would ________.
    3. In addition, because of their sin, Adam and Eve were also ________________ from God. Find the word for this blank in Isaiah 59:2.


Look at this drawing for Step 4 and explain it.


  1. Has this separation from God happened only to Adam and Eve? Read Romans 3:23.
    1. How many people have sinned?
    2. The result of sin for all who do it is __________. The word "death" here means to die spiritually--always being separated from God.
    3. All who sin are separated from God. Isaiah 59:2; Romans 3:23. This is step 4.
    4. Draw the picture you have just learned about that represents this idea. Put the statement and the scriptures with it.

Used by permission from Stafford and Jo Anne North

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