1. To review, think through the following:


  2. Step 9 shows what God does for us after we meet His conditions. Write down what this means.

  1. Read three verses that teach this idea and write in the blank by each verse the words that mean our sins are taken away?

    Mark 16:16--

    Acts 2:38--

    Acts 22:16--

  2. Those who do this are now sinless, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

    Read Romans 5:10 to find this answer.

    Because of the death of the Jesus, the Son of God, I can be with God!
    Read Romans 5:11 and write down how I will feel when this happens. !

  3. This reconciliation or friendship with God has a special bonus. God says that since I am now free from sin He can come and live in me. This is what the promise of "the gift of the Holy Spirit " means in Acts 2:38,39.

    Acts 5:32 says that the God has given the Spirit to all who Him.

    1 Corinthians 6:19 lets me know that my is a temple of the Holy Spirit given to me by God. So God has promised His spirit to me and since I believe God, I know the Spirit lives in me. Knowing He is there makes me feel close to God. I sense His presence with me all the time.

  4. Draw below the picture for Step 9 and put its statement and scripture.

Used by permission from Stafford and Jo Anne North

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