1. Get your Bible - To complete any Bible study course you need. . . your Bible, of course. Each lesson will quote numerous Bible passages from the King James Version (KJV), but you may feel more comfortable looking the verses up yourself.
  2. Read carefully - Please read each lesson thoroughly to gain a clear understanding of the principles. Please print each lesson for easier reading and for reference during the quizzes. You will learn to separate religious fact from fiction by reading directly from the Bible.
  3. Take the quizzes - After each lesson, you can measure your progress with a couple of quick review quizzes. No pressure here, just a friendly way to get the facts straight.
  4. Complete the Lessons in Order - Please complete each lesson before proceeding to the next one. The study course is designed to build with each lesson. "Lesson 6 - Jesus" may not make much sense without reading the previous lessons about God, Man, Sin, Grace, and Salvation.


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